The centre of Vienna offers more than 2,000 years of history, art and culture in a compact setting.

I will spin you a personal red thread for a tour taking in historic monuments and new builds, living and stone witnesses to a past and present that are as fantastic as they have sometimes been harrowing.

As an added extra, I‘ll bring along plenty of photo material showing war damage and “before and after” pictures to illustrate urban planning activities. And of course, I have lots of original quotes on the literary and musical creativity of this unique city, all of which are presented with a healthy dose of humour!

The highlights of the historic city centre that you simply have to see on a trip to Vienna: St. Stephan’s Cathedral, the Imperial Crypt, Alfred Hrdlicka‘s Monument Against War and Fascism, the Habsburg’s winter residence, the “House without Eyebrows”… A journey through time from the 21st century to the Middle Ages and back.

Take a walk from St. Stephan’s Cathedral through the oldest part of town to the Ringstraße and its magnificent buildings. Facts and anecdotes about the urban planning projects of the Babenbergs, Habsburgs and today’s town fathers.

Facts and anecdotes, humorous stories and spine chillers en route between two points of your choice (e.g. between the hotel and the restaurant, between the coffee house and a concert, after dinner in the city centre on the way to a cocktail bar, ...)

Get away from the usual tourist routes and take a foray through the narrow lanes and hidden inner courtyards of the historic city centre with cultural and religious diversity at every turn.

From the beginnings of Jewish life in the 13th century to the present day: this tour takes in the sites that reflect the heyday, destruction and rebirth of the three Jewish communities in Vienna.

The places where the great masters lived and worked; their admirers and critics, scandals and eccentricities. From the inventor of the string quartet to the King of the Waltz.

Where did Otto Wagner succeed in combining the practical with the beautiful? What did Adolf Loos call a "crime"? Modern architecture as a mirror of political and social change around 1900.

A walk through the stations of his life and the places he worked. From the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts to the Secession to the palaces of those who commissioned his works. Ideal in combination with a guided tour through the Museum of Applied Arts, the Secession, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Leopold Museum or the Upper Belvedere.

From murders to murder ballads, impalement and Catherine wheels, spine chillers from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.

From castles and palaces, to crypts and treasures, Sisi and Franz Josef – enjoy a walk full of variety to scenes of high political drama from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.

An exciting journey through time from the collapse of the Habsburg Empire to the EU sanctions imposed on Austria in 2000. Hyper-inflation, the burning of the Palace of Justice, the Civil War, Austro-Fascism, National Socialism, the Cold War,... milestones of world history at the original sites in Vienna’s city centre.

Wartime destruction and post-war reconstruction, the black market and the Marshall Plan, the occupying powers, the women who cleared away the war debris, state ceremonies.


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